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The Big Fun Run Series is a set of inclusive community runs in and around Vancouver B.C.

Routes are designed to be wheelchair, stroller and dog friendly with the emphasis on Fun not Finish times.

Finishers receive the same enthusiastic loud cheer whether finishing in a sprint or a crawl, with entry numbers capped to ensure a stress-free run/walk with a community atmosphere.

Events are themed, with costume items provided as part of registration and further dressing up is encouraged!


Participants even have the chance to choose their own custom themed name, or can have a random assignment, people have ended up finding their running bib includes a name like "Hop-a-long Fluffy Tail"!

Each event has a "Kids run" prior, of a shorter distance (generally 1 km) with an Egg Hunt following at Easter.

Partners of the event are chosen on similar values and are either local BC or Canadian based businesses.

Our first Start Line was The Big Elf Run in 2015 and the series has grown to 4 events with plans to grow further in the coming years.

Come join us at the next Start Line, where we look forward to cheering YOU over a Finish Line soon!

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